Born in Barcelona, Egres moved to New Jersey, USA in 1986 when he was 9 years old where he was introduced to Hip-Hop, Reggae, House and Techno. The jungle classics ‘Terrorist’ by Ray Keith and ‘Helicopter’ by Deep Blue unified all his musical influences, capturing his junglist beginnings. Parties, Djs and an ear for new sounds inspired Sergio to find his niche in the DNB music industry.

Egres started djing professionally in 1997 in radios, parties, raves and clubs in the New York-New Jersey area including such events as Camouflage, Recess, Konkrete Jungle, Aperature, Push, Direct Drive, Acupuncture, Testpress and NYC Jungle Radio. Due to his perseverance and talent, he became a resident dj at Testpress, one of the most important and influential DNB weekly parties in New York City. His specialty is the fusing of all the sub-genres of DNB, from Jump-up to Leftfield in an intensely smooth and rolling style focused on melody, capturing the heart of the dancefloor.

Since 2004, Egres has represented the independent DNB music label Offshore Recordings as the only international Dj in its list of artists. He has formed part of various DNB/dubstep collectives, including ‘Nube9’ as Dj and promotor and as founder of the collective ‘Surco’. In 2006, together with Dj Tamen, he created the weekly ‘Deep Jugle’ parties to expose the more atmospheric and mature Jungle-DNB sounds. At the end of 2007 the ‘Surco’ collective began ‘Surco Sessions’ in ‘La Nau’, with the best national and international DJs as invited guests. ‘Surco Sessions’ brought recognized names such as: Martyn (UK), Phace (DE), Equinox (UK), Vapour (UK), Subject 13 (UK), Macc (UK), Sabre (UK), Mav (UK), Filastine (USA), Bizzy B (UK) and Survival (UK). Egres put on the first all Dubstep party in Barcelona with dj Scuba from Hotflush Recs and the amazing Leones Humildes soundsystem.

He has experience as the DNB/Dubstep buyer in local Barcelona record stores ‘Galaktika Records’ and ‘La Ruta Natural’.Finally, Egres is working on projects to bring fresh ideas to the Spanish Jungle/DNB scene with the formation of the group ‘Jungle Jungle’. Egres began his adventure in music production in the summer of 2008 after attending Electronic Music Production classes at SAE Institute in Barcelona.



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